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We are a group of enthusiasts that works to encourage the cooperation of residents in enhancing the local wildlife - by raising awareness locally of the many species of plants, birds, insects, amphibians and small mammals which share our urban habitat.

Outreach: We have an annual public lecture on a wildlife subject of local interest. Recent subjects have been: hedgehogs, foxes, owls and wildlife gardening. Lively discussions with the lecturers usually follow these talks.

Cooperation: We support other local organisations which are concerned with wildlife, such as London Wildlife Trust who administer Sydenham Hill Wood Nature Reserve, and the Sydenham Hill Station Nature Reserve. We also liaise continuously with the Dulwich Society Tree Committee.

Recording: We take part in local and national bird recording surveys - the national stag beetle survey (in which South London gardens rated very highly) and we have also taken part in the London ladybird survey.

Emergency Help: We can also advise on the care of wounded wild animals and birds; and put people in touch with organisations who will help with these cases.

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