The Dulwich Society has over a thousand members, approximately 20% of the households in Dulwich. It ought to have more. Elsewhere in this Newsletter are reported issues that affect us all - the possible extension of the Dulwich Village Conservation area and the implications this has for residents within the proposed new area; the case for and against an additional bus route through the Village; a proposal from the Dulwich Society to allow the Belair car park to be used at nightime by residents returning by public transport to West Dulwich.

Membership of the Dulwich Society gives individuals a voice in matters which affect them. As you will see, the Chief Executive of the Dulwich Estate, John Major, urges residents to join amenity societies like ours. You, the reader are a member, and we hope you will want to renew that membership in 2004. Perhaps you might consider introducing new residents to the Society.

As you know, the Dulwich Society functions through a range of sub-committees, all of these welcome new committee members and the chairmen of each sub-committee will be pleased to hear from you if you are interested in serving. The Newsletter is hand-distributed by members in a remarkable team effort, four times a year. Recently, one or two of the long serving distributors indicated that because of advancing years they are no longer able to continue. This is an unsung but essential task and new volunteers would be welcomed by the Distribution Manager. The delivery is not onerous, just one road or so.

This year, two prominent Dulwich figures passed away. Philip Spooner and Bill Alexander were both veteran members of the Dulwich Rotary Club and active members of the community. Philip was a founder member of the Friends of the Horniman and for many years secretary of the Dulwich Forum. Bill had done tremendous work over a long period for the Friends of Dulwich Hospital. Both men were lay-readers of their respective churches, St Faith's and St Clement's. Such public spirited individuals are becoming increasingly rare and we mourn their passing.

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