Byways of wine - a personal view from Greville Havenhand

Greville Havenhand came from a teetotal family but was introduced to good(and bad) wine by Oxford dons in the 1950s. Later, travelling the world as a BBC documentary maker and editor he grew to appreciate the versatility of wine and wine makers. Many holidays - and work trips - to France expanded his knowledge. On taking early retirement he decided to formalise his knowledge and took wine courses leading to Wine and Spirit Education Trust qualifications. He is an active member of the Dulwich Wine Society, for which he jointly organises wine tours to France. He gives tutored wine tastings and lectures to wine societies throughout London and the South East and is a contributing editor to one of the leading wine websites.

Greville will conduct a Tutored Wine Tasting following the Dulwich Society's Annual General Meeting on Thursday 17 March.

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