We all know that we enjoy music and what kind of music we enjoy, but why is that?

Listening to music in the comfort of our own homes is one thing, but what draws people together to listen to music and discuss it with others? The chance to go a little bit deeper into our understanding?

Many people who join our class say it’s because they’ve always enjoyed listening to music and wish to know more about why they enjoyed it so much. So what’s it like once you have braved the outdoors and are sitting listening to music in a small like minded group.

“Everyone is so friendly and we all enjoy the music but in such different ways; there are endless things to discuss. Our tutor gives us helpful pointers and each week our understanding of what we are listening to grows.”

“I always loved music but knew nothing about it and certainly didn’t understand the power it has in our lives. Now I am beginning to delve more into how composers manipulate us!”

“The discussions we have are fascinating and every week the tutor has something different planned for us – sometimes an in depth study of one work, or of one composer and their works, another week we bring our own choice along. We also have visiting musicians who demonstrate their instruments. This class has revolutionised my ability to appreciate music”

The Talking about Music class is held at the Copleston Centre, Copleston Road, SE15 4AN at 1.30pm on Friday afternoons. The class is led by an experienced musician and tutor.

Contact Frances Barrett - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 07773 381562 - for further details.

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