At The Edward Alleyn Theatre, Dulwich College, Dulwich Common, London, SE21 7LD

"If you can't say something nice about someone, come sit next to me."

To say it has been a strange ole year is an understatement. To protect ourselves we have to give up so much, including so many enjoyable activities. This has included giving up without realising it what makes us, culture. Through this we have realised so many of the important things in life, love, friendship, family and of course theatre.

The Dulwich Players are therefore delighted to announce that their next production will be Steel Magnolias. What else could be so warming for the soul? Originally planned for 2020, in many ways the essence of this play epitomises so much of the last year. We have all had to be Steel Magnolias (or ‘steel roses’ if we go to the British translation).

Steel Magnolias charts a path though the life of Shelby Eaterton, from her wedding day to less happier events. What a way to explore love but with a wedding in the air. Love which is full of hope, and risks all. Love that is lost, rekindled love, love on the wane, love that is blind and a mother’s love. All of this is bound in solid friendships that offers oxygen to life. Friendships that are so solid they can be tested, for they won’t break.

All of this takes place within the walls of Truvy’s hair and beauty emporium in the American deep south. What better place to throw shade on everyone in the local community and further. Some killer lines that will fill your soul with the best chicken soup you could imagine or have you rolling in the aisles or hopefully both.

Give yourself a treat.

Performance dates:
Wednesday 20th October: 8:00pm
Thursday 21st October: 8:00pm
Friday 22nd October: 8:00pm
Saturday 23rd October: 8:00pm

Tickets: £12 available online via

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