We reported on the new website in the last Journal and the first of the Estate’s new quarterly newsletters was published in September - it was sent out as part of the annual SoM charge, but copies can also be picked up in other locations around the area - by the Society’s notice board next to the Crown and Greyhound for example.

Regular Estate eNewsletters will also be sent out to those who register on the new Estate website (https://www.thedulwichestate.org.uk/living-in-dulwich). The open surgeries that are held on the first Monday of every month are continuing, the next dates are Mondays, 3 December, 7 January and 4 February. Go to the Estate office in the Old College between 10 and 4pm and you will be able to see either Simone Crofton, the CEO, or Adrian Brace, who manages both the Estate’s property portfolio and the Scheme of Management.



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The Society’s aims and objectives are to foster and safeguard the amenities of Dulwich, both in the interests of its residents and the wider local community of which it is a part, and to increase awareness of the varied character that makes the area so special.

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