Lorry crashes into Railway Bridge

Just before 11am on Wednesday 8th April a lorry with a grabber attachment hit the railway bridge on Village Way. The lorry smashed into the bridge and its crane went onto the track. Part of the crane fell onto the railway, causing a short circuit. The oncoming Southern train slammed on the brakes and avoided derailment. All 89 passengers were unhurt and were safely transferred onto another train. A Network Rail spokesman said the bridge has since been examined and repaired, normal services resumed at 2.15pm.

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Election Hustings

Residents can meet their parliamentary candidates on:

  • Sunday 5 April (12-2pm) - Portico Gallery, 23A Knight's Hill, West Norwood
  • Thursday 9 April (afternoon) – Lambeth Resolve/Lambeth Age UK – disability hustings
  • Thursday 16 April (7-9pm) - Herne Hill Forum – St Pauls Church, Herne Hill
  • Monday 20 April (8-9.30pm) - St Stephen's Church, College Road
  • Thursday 23 April (7-9pm) – East Dulwich Community Centre, 46-50 Darrell Road, SE22 9NL

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Parliamentary Candidates

As of 31 March the candidates are (in alphabetical order)

  • Rathy Alagaratnam - (UKIP)
  • James Barber - Liberal Democrats
  • Helen Hayes - Labour Party
  • Resham Kotecha - Conservative Party
  • Steve Nally - Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition
  • Rashid Nix - Green Party

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Proposed Mobile Phone mast on the corner of Village Way & Half Moon Lane

The good news is that Council has refused the application following a large number of objections from local residents (more than 150) as well as both the Dulwich and Herne Hill Societies.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 01 April 2015 11:25

Journal Deliverers

The Society is looking for a replacement Journal co-ordinator to manage the distributor network in the Alleyn Park and Farquhar Road area. The Journal comes out four times a year and the job involves collection the journals from a central Dulwich Village location and issuing them to the volunteers who deliver door to door. If you are interested please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 01 April 2015 11:23

Horse Chestnut trees outside 95 and 97 Dulwich Village

The Dulwich Estate has Southwark’s agreement to the removal of these two trees on the grassed areas south of Gails. Recent tests by the Council have confirmed that they are largely hollow and could pose a potential danger to passing pedestrians. The Estate proposes to plant two 5m high replacements.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 01 April 2015 11:23

New sculptures in Dulwich Park

The official launch of the three perpetual chords by Conrad Shawcross is on Saturday 18 April but they are now already in place if you want to look at them.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 01 April 2015 11:22

The Dulwich Society Annual General Meeting

The AGM will be held at 8:00pm on Monday 27 April at the St Barnabas Church Community Suite at the rear of the church on Calton Avenue. The formal meeting will be followed by a short programme off pre WW1 silent films made by the Gaumont Studio when their studio was on Dog Kennel Hill.

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Sub-committee and group members

The Society is actively seeking members to join  both the Traffic and Transport sub-committee and the Trees group. If you are interested, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 24 March 2015 11:49

Dulwich Fairtrade fortnight

This will run from Monday 23 February to 8 March. Several retailers in the Dulwich area taking part including Shepherds in Dulwich Village.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 10 March 2015 12:56

Consultation on the proposed new rehabilitation service location on Half Moon Lane

The plan, outlined at the recent Dulwich Community Council, is for Southwark to open an adult residential service at the Holmhurst in Half Moon Lane for about 10-12 adults (in 18-50 age range).  The adults will have a range of mental health and learning disabilities and Southwark will be partnering Optima Care to provide a service of supported living at Holmhurst. All the adults are already known to Southwark and Optima Care but currently are living away from London because of the lack of facilities in Southwark itself.   The opening of the new centre will enable these adults to come back to Southwark and live near their families.   The intention is that they will be integrated into the community and will build a life as part of the Herne Hill community.

There will be three ‘community conversations’ on the proposal as follows:
- Wednesday 15 April 6:30-8:30pm 
- Saturday 18 April 2:00-5:00pm 
- Saturday 24 April 2:00-5:00pm 
Location: Methodist Church Hall, 155 Half Moon Lane SE24 9HU

Last Updated on Tuesday, 24 March 2015 11:45

Herne Hill Velodrome

The planning application for new pavilion has been submitted to Southwark. The existing pavilion will be demolished, the existing cycle stores will be reconfigured with provision of new external roof and associated landscaping. The planning reference is 15/AP/0790.
There will be two open public consultations on the plans, both at the Herne Hill Velodrome, 104 Burbage Road, London SE24 9HE, on Easter Saturday 4 April, 10am-1pm, and also on Wednesday 8 April, 6pm-8.30pm (both are wheelchair accessible).

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2015 Annual General Meeting Reports



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Council Tax

Southwark Have confirmed that they will freeze council tax for the seventh year. This is welcome news.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 10 February 2015 16:33

East Dulwich Picturehouse

Picture House Cinemas have confirmed that the new cinema in the old St Thomas More Hall on Lordship Lane will open on Thursday 23rd April.

Last Updated on Monday, 13 April 2015 12:12

Old stocks sign listed

The old stocks sign in the small garden at the end of the run of shops in Calton Avenue was listed on 6 March. English Heritage’s justification for listing said “The C18 plaque in the garden adjoining 1d Calton Avenue, Dulwich, dated 1760 and originally part of the village lock up, is listed for the following principal reasons; Historical interest: as a tangible and evocative reminder of crime and punishment during the Georgian period; Rarity: as a rare and particularly early example of an ‘improving’ biblical text used to embellish a now demolished village lock up; Survival: the plaque survives in a very good condition with crisp lettering.”

While the Society welcomes the listing, English Heritage has partly based its decision on an incorrect secondary source. The Society has written to them pointing out the error and referred the organisation to the correct primary source.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 24 March 2015 11:47

Dulwich Community Council

The next meeting is on Tuesday 17 March 2015, 7:00pm at the St Barnabas Church Community Suite in Calton Avenue. The main theme is Traffic, transport and parking.

Other agenda items include:

  • Townley Road/East Dulwich Grove junction
  • North Dulwich parking
  • Proposed Rehabilitation service location in Half Moon Lane
  • Dulwich Helpline
  • New sculptures in Dulwich Park
  • Neighbourhoods fund 2015/16 decisions

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Minutes of the AGM 2014

MINUTES OF THE 49th ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING OF THE DULWICH SOCIETY held on Thursday 28th April 2014 at St. Barnabas Centre, Calton Avenue SE21

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