Dulwich Community Hospital

Dulwich residents who attended the Dulwich Community Council meeting last night were very unhappy to hear about the slow progress on the redevelopment of the Dulwich Community Hospital site. The Regional  Disposal lead for the NHS Property Company, who are the current owners of the site, told the meeting that his organisation had now gone out to consultation to a GLA panel of developers for advice on the best location on the site for the proposed health facility - with regard to maximising the development potential for the remainder of the site. The meeting was extremely unhappy and reminded him, and officers from the Southwark CCG who were also there, that the site was seen as an asset to the community, and should be used to provide local facilities such as a new school, and not just as a cash cow for housing developers. Both councillors and members of the audience repeatedly asked to see a copy of the brief given to the developers' panel - the response was less than helpful.
Further discussion confirmed that the time scale had still not been determined and that wide public consultation on the future of the site did not appear to feature in the NHS Property Company's programme.
The attitude of the NHS contrasted badly with the following presentation on the proposed Crystal Palace development where extensive public consultation was seen as an important part of the development process.
There is clearly a potential danger that there will be no new community facilities on the site other than the health facility - is this acceptable to residents? Surely not.

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Burbage Road Pedestrian Island

The Dulwich community Council meeting on 19 March gave the go-ahead for the reinstatement of the pedestrian island at the junction of Burbage Road, Dulwich Village and Gallery Road. The Dulwich Society had obtained a Cleaner Greener Safer (CGS) grant of £15,000 from the Council in 2013 to pay for the project and, following considerable lobbying and extensive consultation with local residents, the scheme will now be implemented.

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Elm Lodge Surgery

One good thing that came out of the Dulwich community Council meeting last night was further confirmation from officers from the Southwark Clinical Commissioning Group that there was definitely no foundation to the rumour circulating locally that the surgery would be moved from Burbage Road to the East Dulwich Hospital site.

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2014 Annual General Meeting Reports



2013 was the Society’s fiftieth anniversary. The ‘Dulwich 63’ exhibition in the Dulwich College Library started the year’s celebratory events and this was followed by a series of talks and walks on Dulwich’s development history held in conjunction with the Picture Gallery. Through the year the Local History group organised a series of 12 World War II memorial plaque installations –commemorating the multiple deaths of civilians by enemy action in the Second World War. A well-attended Autumn event in the St Barnabas Village Hall rounded off the year.

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Minutes of the AGM 2013

held on Tuesday 9th April 2013 at The Crown & Greyhound, Dulwich Village.

Present: approximately 70 members. Apologies: Marion Gibbs, David Roberts.

Introduction and welcome by the President (in the chair): Dr Colin Niven OBE

Minutes of the AGM held on 26th April 2012 were approved and signed. There were no matters arising.

Reports on the activities of the Sub-Committees in 2012 were previously available on the Society’s website. The main points were highlighted by the chairman or member of each committee:

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Guerrilla Gardens

The first Dulwich guerrilla garden is underway. Members of the Society's wildlife group assisted by volunteers from the London Wildlife Trust, started work on the neglected patch of land at the entrance to the Edward Alleyn Club on Burbage Road.

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Dulwich Village Post Office

Unfortunately Shepherds have said that they are no longer interested in taking over the post office.  We wait to hear from Post office Counters on what they propose as an alternative. Meanwhile the existing Post Office remains open.

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SCST Planning Applications

The contentious planning applications by the Southwark Community Sports Trust for Council approval of a new nursery on their ground, and to use the former caretaker’s flat for rent on the open market, were passed by Southwark Council’s Planning Sub-Committee B on 11 February.  An addendum report circulated before the hearing is now available online on the planning register.

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News Updates (Feb 2014)

Click Read More for updates on: Former East Dulwich Police Station Site; Sydenham Hill Station; Railway Bridges; SCST Sports Ground; Rosebery Lodge; 1 Fountain Drive; West Dulwich Dairy site; Barbara Hepworth Statue; Burbage Road Pedestrian Island; S G Smith redevelopment; Herne Hill Society Heritage Trail

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Cleaner Greener Safer Funding

In Village Ward the Society was successful in obtaining funds for a new pedestrian crossing in Gallery Road by ‘Lovers Walk’ as well as more works to posts and chains, and additional works to the Mark Evison memorial bench in the Village. In College Ward we received funding for two replacement width restrictor posts on Hunts Slip Road and a contribution towards the upgrading of the terrace to the Crystal Palace Subway. All three wards agreed to contribute towards the production of a leaflet guide to the Society’s World War 2 memorial plaques.

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Crystal Palace Meetings

A further drop-in session on the Chinese ZhongRong Group’s proposed reconstruction of the Crystal Palace building was held on 1 February – again it was very well attended (there will be another on 1 March). It is now clear that the intention is not to build a replica but to produce a building ‘in the spirit of the original’.  The short list of architects to take part in the design completion is due to be released later this month and the intention is to have made a planning application by the end of the year.  The Society remains concerned over the potential traffic implications and the assumption by Bromley and the GLA that constraints on development on Metropolitan Open Land will be waived in this case.

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